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Beef Processing

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Lagos State - 23rd Jul 2019

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What does my sponsorship cover?
1. Purchase of matured  fattened cattle
2. Transportation from feedlot to slaughter house. 
3. State of the art  infrastructure for beef processing that promotes hygienic handling of beef 
4. Engagement of expert meat processing  professionals to follow through on global meat processing SOP
5. Quality control that ensures animals are slaughtered according to HALAL Specifications

Beef Processing

As of 2019, the estimated population of the country was over 200.96 million, ranking 7th in the world. Cattle is a multi-billion-dollar industry worldwide with the international beef trade for 2018 raking in $30 billion, representing only 23% of world beef production. Beef consumption is projected to grow to 1.3 million tons by 2050.
With our expansion to Cattle farming through our new Cattle Fattening project using a Feedlot Production system, Farmcrowdy has successfully completed the value chain as fattened cattle from our farm feeds in directly to the beef processing activity. All our cattle are fitted with biocompatible passive RFID microchips approved by ICAR which are used to identify and geolocate individual livestock animals which is essential for surveillance and disease control.
Primary Production: While millions of Nigerian households are engaged in the primary production of livestock, the large national herd of cattle is unable to meet the domestic demand for red meat. As a consequence, and because of a ban and meat imports, Nigeria is the destination of a major informal regional trade in animals that stretches from Senegal to Sudan. There are no livestock or meat exports from Nigeria due to the growing domestic demand, a situation that is not expected to change within the next 10-20 years.
Processing: Red meat production in Nigeria is in the same order as the production in Mexico, France, Canada, Germany and New Zealand, which are the 8th to 12th world's largest producers of red meat. Our beef is processed at  BestFoods livestock and poultry, where matured  bulls are  transformed into boneless beef and its by-product such as skin (also known as Ponmo) and offal’s.
We currently provide major fast food chain across Lagos hygienically processed beef and we are moving to meet the major areas of demand in the south-west, particularly the Lagos-Ibadan Axis.

Our farms are comprehensively insured to mitigate against any form of crop losses from fire, lightning, windstorm damage, flood, outbreak of pests and diseases etc.

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