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What is FarmCrowdy?

  • farmcrowdy-agriculture-investment

    Promising Investment

    Farm sponsors can get between 13–25% return on your original investment made in our farms & farmers

  • farmcrowdy-impacting-farmers

    Empowering Farmers

    Over 1500 of our farmers are able to keep a job, expand their farm operations and increase their revenue

  • farmcrowdy-food-security

    Strengthening Our Food Security

    Farm sponsors’ participation in Agriculture contributes to domestic food production to protect our food security in this region

  • farmcrowdy-utilizing-farmland

    Utilizing Arable Farmland

    We are focused on taking advantage of under-utilized arable land in rural communities to grow food

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Current Statistics

  • farmcrowdy-acres-available

    2,257 Acres Available

  • farmcrowdy-farm-sponsors

    769 Farm

  • farmcrowdy-farmers

    1,921 Farmers

  • farmcrowdy-acres-planted

    298 Acres

  • farmcrowdy-farm-followers

    2,913 Farm