Building Sustainable Food Solutions in Africa through Technology.
Using innovation and harnessed data, we create enabling environments for key players in the food value chain to maximize output and yield untapped profits.
Farmcrowdy is a global Agtech company focused on solving deficiencies in the food value chain. Our business model leverages technology to connect stakeholders with easy access to aggregate farm produce, raw agro-products and processed food. Our Purpose is to deliver premium value to stakeholders in the food value chain. We are keen on leaving a strong legacy which is why we are focused on building a household name unrivaled in Africa’s digital agricultural space and known for driving food security solutions. We are driven by a mission to be the leading Agtech business promoting sustainability in the global food chain.
// How We Do It
At Farmcrowdy, we have aligned our business models with Sustainable Development Goal 2, to end all forms of hunger while promoting food security across the globe. Our tech-infused platform drives an enabling environment for farmers and sets up more efficient food distribution channels. We have also developed two Strategic Business Units, FC Foods and FC Shops, that facilitate stakeholder access to maximum profitability in the food value chain.
FC Foods is a one-stop digital marketplace for trading raw agro-products, inputs and commodities. Consumers can conveniently purchase fresh foods products and groceries. Our licensed abattoir also enables us to efficiently deliver hygienic livestock to our consumers.
FC Shops is a tech-enabled B2B retail platform that helps small retailers source their inventory by facilitating access to the widest assortment of FMCG goods at wholesale prices. FC Shops brings the market to your doorstep.
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