Nigeria’s 1st Digital Agriculture Platform

Empowering farmers.

From subsistence farming
to farming as a business.

Growing our own food
for our children to eat.

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    Happy Reviews

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What We Do

  • Promising Returns
    After Harvest

    Farm sponsors can get between 6–25% returns on original sponsorship made on our farms & farmers

  • Empowering

    Over 1500 of our farmers are able to keep a job, expand their farm operations and increase their revenue

  • Strengthening Our
    Food Security

    Farm Sponsors participation in Agriculture contributes to domestic food production and thus protects food security in this region

  • Utilizing Arable

    We are focused on taking advantage of under-utilized arable land in rural communities to grow food

Start your farm

Farmcrowdy is unique because the ease of convenience and opportunity to participate in agric platforms. It is a great initiative and I would recommend it because of the great business sense.

Bukola Dosumu, Lagos

It’s easy to sponsor a farm and the bi-weekly update is very good on the sponsored farm. Being the first in Nigeria, Farmcrowdy will grow and reduce food importation, famine in Nigeria.

Adeyeye Martins Oluwafemi, Lagos

I have always wanted to invest in agriculture without getting my hands dirty and Farmcrowdy has given me the opportunity to do so.

Julcit Bali, Abuja

The idea behind Farmcrowdy is quite good. It has the potential to create jobs for lots of people. It is very easy to do business with them because everything takes place online. I would recommend them to others. Word of advise: Please make it simpler to interact with an app.

Dr Anthony Oyekunle, Gaborone, Botswana

Farmcrowdy is an innovation that is out of this world. It is unique because of the coordination of its activities and regular update to sponsors. It took away the burden of supervision and monitoring from me and I would certainly recommend Farmcrowdy to others. My only regret is not investing more as a foundation member/sponsor.

Chigozie Egbunefu, Port-Harcourt,

A very competent and efficient business that does business with integrity. Their transparency and ease of communication made it easy for me to do business with them. I would recommend them to others because I have been treated well. Word of advice: Don't rest on your laurels.

Inih Essien, Abuja

I love the personal touch. When you call they have information ready at hand, and when that information isn’t readily available Farmcrowdy staff gets back to you ASAP. They are also very open and transparent. Their data up to date!  Did I add how polite they are? Very polite! The transparency of the transaction made it very easy, before I had any questions the answers were sent to my email. for me this is an amazing way of growing a farming business without worrying about having green fingers, a great way of helping others, a way of saving (cause believe me when I say the returns came in handy)

Ajike Sola-Adeniyi, Lagos

I saw Farmcrowdy on LinkedIn and visited the website. Chatted with a customer care representative and I got satisfactory answers to my questions. I am positively loving it and am rooting for them....Go, Farmcrowdy, Go!!!

Regina Blankson

Current Statistics

  • 16,000+ Acres Available

  • 27,500 Farm

  • 11,000+ Farmers

  • 1,700,000 Chickens

  • 70,000+ Farm