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About Us

Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s First Digital Agriculture Platform that empowers rural farmers by providing them with improved seeds, farm inputs, training on modern farming techniques and provides a market for the sale of their farm produce. This gives the farmers the capacity to farm more acres and by extension leads to increased food production and security in Africa.

Since launching in 2016, Farmcrowdy has empowered over 11,000 small scale-farmers across Nigeria. We are committed to expanding our reach in order to continue to empower local farmers, positively impact their lives and their families while boosting food production and sustainability in Nigeria.


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Our Vision

To be the foremost digital agriculture platform in Africa admired for its impact on collaborative food production and boosting food security across the continent.

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Our Mission

To enable everyone participate in the achievement of global food security.

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Our Mantra

Empowering Farmers. Together.

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Our Values

These are the principles that guide everything we do; from relating with our personnel to dealing with farmers and farm sponsors. We believe that our values reflect who we are and influence our decisions. We will continue to support farmers and work hand-in-hand with our farm sponsors towards a future where we can sustainably grow food for our children to eat.

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In achieving success, we can never underestimate the value of our personnel, farmers and farm sponsors. Therefore to each one, we accord Respect and Humility.

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Our people have a ‘Hunger for More’ attitude which can drive us to eradicate ‘Hunger for All.’ We must be seen as people who are constantly and consistently thinking out of the box and re-inventing themselves by making today's achievements the starting point for our success stories for tomorrow.

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We embrace excellence in order to create better ways of doing the things we do. Excellence for us is not a watchword, it’s an intrinsic habit. It’s the default mode’ for all our operational standards so that mediocrity and half-measure become alien to our culture.

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At Farmcrowdy we do not only comply with regulations, good business practices and ethical standards, but we are also honest, reliable, and trustworthy people. We project these standards when dealing with farmers and farm sponsors.

Smart People


We have Interpersonal Intelligence and are constantly seeking ways of improving relationships with our personnel, farmers and farm sponsors. This allows us to effectively communicate with clarity. In doing so, we are constantly exchanging constructive feedback, influencing others positively and are team players who promote the 'We' in all we do, never the 'I's.

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All Work and no Play will not only make us dull but will dampen our creative talents. Having fun allows us to be flexible and also creates an enabling environment where we can exhale every once in a while.

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