Tope Omotolani

Co-Founder & COO

Tope Omotolani is an ardent believer in Agricultural start-ups and Agri-business entrepreneurship as the most sustainable way of poverty alleviation in Nigeria and Africa.

Tope joined Farmcrowdy as one of the first senior team members who brought over 5 years of online agricultural experience. Before joining Farmcrowdy, Tope was the Founder and CEO of Ojawara – an agricultural produce delivery company. Founded in 2012, she built a product that was focused on the buying of Agriculture produce from rural areas and selling to the urban areas of Lagos with an addressable market of over 18 million people.

Her career has seen her establish offline initiatives with Tomato farmers in Jos to expand their farm productions with the funds she generates from people in urban cities. As an entrepreneur, she was the founder of ‘start-ups’ such as ‘Gifted Hands’ and a Cleaning Service Company known as ‘Fíní-fíní’ Enterprises.

Despite her success in business, her passion for agriculture prompted her to join Farmcrowdy in her desire to ‘re-define’ the perception of whom a ‘Farmer’ really is in Nigeria and also to create a ‘Social Movement’ in the Nigerian Agriculture Space.

An alumni of FATE Foundation ‘Aspiring Entrepreneurship Programme, She volunteered as a Project Director for the “Beyond the Classroom Foundation” to assist in the co-ordination of the “Set for School” project. She’s also actively involved in the advocacy initiatives for rights-of- the-Girl-child through her Public speaking engagements.

Tope now focuses on building products out of the entire agricultural value chain that Farmcrowdy is participating in – from logistics to inputs.