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Cassava Farm in Akwa Ibom

₦284,000 / Cassava Farm (1 Acre which is 6 plots)

  • 0 Cassava Farms left
  • Contract Period : 9 months
  • Expected Return : 25% per 9 months
  • Harvest Period : 1 month
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Period Net Profit ROI
9 0 25%
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Farm Description


Farm Description

Cassava is a very important root crop in Nigeria. This is because it is a high yielding durable plant which is able to grow under a variety of climatic and soil conditions including low fertility and high acidity.  It performs different roles for different people. It serves as a rural staple food, drought reserve crop, an industrial raw material and a foreign exchange earner.

It grows on poor and marginal soils on which other crops are unable to survive. It is relatively easy to produce. Among root and tuber cultivated in Nigeria cassava is the most economic crop, once the crop is established, it has no critical period when lack of rain will cause crop failure.  It is high yielding, giving high returns. Its harvesting is flexible because it can be staggered for up to three years depending on the variety.

Fresh cassava roots are bulky to transport. The quality of the roots is likely to deteriorate 2-3 days of harvesting.

Most of the commercial cassava processing factories operate on fifty percent of their capacity or have totally short down due to shortage of fresh tubers.

What does my investment cover? 

1) Renting the plots of land on your behalf

2) Insurance from Leadway Assurance to cover the farms throughout the farming cycle

3) Farm inputs including high-starch stems and farm tools

4) Farmers labour to work on the farm

5) Logistics to get the harvested cassava from farm to market

Farm Location: Ini L.G.A, Akwa Ibom

Farm Size: 200 Hectares

Cassava Type: High Starch Quality

Farm Visits: This can be arranged for Farm Sponsors only. Please call us or send a mail to with the subject “Farm visit”

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