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Maize Farm Kaduna

₦95,000 / Maize Farm Unit

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  • Contract Period : 10 months
  • Expected Return : 12% per 10 months
  • Harvest Period : 1 month
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Farm Description

Maize also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous people in Mexico about 10,000 years ago.

The six major types of corn are dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, popcorn, flour corn, and sweet corn.

Maize farming and production is a high-potential business opportunity in Africa. Did you know that by planting just one seed of maize, you get over 500 kernels in return at harvest? That’s an incredible return on investment!

Maize is also one of the most common and important food crops across Africa. It is widely eaten in various forms and more than 900 million Africans depend on maize every year because it is often cheaper than rice and wheat, two of the other most consumed cereals.

In fact, many of our daily diets contain maize either directly or indirectly. Production of meat, eggs and dairy products (like milk and yoghurt) would be difficult without maize, which is an important ingredient in animal feed.

As Africa’s population continues to grow rapidly over the coming years, the demand and consumption of maize will increase.

According to IITA estimates, about 800 million tons of maize is produced worldwide every year. Africa produces 6.5 percent of this volume which is still insufficient for local consumption.

Nigeria remains Africa’s largest producer with nearly 8 million tons produced per annum. It is closely followed by South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda. The United States remains the world’s largest producer with 42 percent of all maize produced globally.

In this light, we have decided to grow our Maize farmers impact with 2,000 new maize farmers joining us in Pampaida, Kaduna to work on 5,000 Acres of Maize farms in 2018 in partnership with key stakeholders like African Exchange Holdings. Welcome on board and let’s empower these farmers together.


What does my investment cover? 

1) Renting the plots of land on your behalf

2) Insurance from Leadway Assurance to cover the farms throughout the farming cycle

3) Farm inputs including high-quality seeds, fertilizers and farm tools

4) Farmers labour to work on the farm

5) Logistics to get the harvested Maize from farm to market


Farm Size: 5,000 Acres

Farm Location: Pampaida, Kaduna

Maize Type: Field Corn & Quality Protein Maize (QPM)

Farm Visits: This can be arranged for Farm Sponsors only. Please call us or send a mail to with the subject “Farm visit”