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Tomato Farm

₦144,000 / Tomato Farm (1 Acre which is 6 plots)

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  • Contract Period : 6 months
  • Expected Return : 23% per 6 months
  • Harvest Period : 1 month
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Initial Investment: 0

Period Net Profit ROI
6 months 0 23%
Payback 0
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Farm Description

Quality Tomatoes are in very high demand in Nigeria but not readily available all year round despite the unsaturated demand. Currently the supply deficit in the country is 1.5 million tons valued at 185 Billion Naira annually.

We have been developing capacity of farmers in some of the south western states in the last three years anticipating a decline from the northern production due to over cultivation and disease build up which lead to pest resistance insecticides and other inputs.

With the challenges faced by producers in the north sponsoring tomatoes projects will create common wealth to all parties involved.  We are not solely focused on healthy returns but on food security.

What does my investment cover? 

1) Renting the plots of land on your behalf

2) Insurance from Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Commission and Leadway Assurance to cover the farm investment and farmers

3) Farm inputs including high-quality seeds, fertilizers, farm tools

4) Farmers labour to work on the farm

5) Cost of irrigation farming

6) Logistics to get the harvested farm produce to market to sell them

Farm Location: Shaki, Oyo State

Farm Size: 125 Acres

Tomato Type: High Quality Seeds

Farm Visits: This can be arranged for Farm Sponsors only. Please call us or send a mail to with the subject “Farm visit”


Tomato nursery is almost ready

Hello, We are very pleased to tell you that work has commenced on your tomato farm. The farmland has been plowed in preparation for your tomato plantation and a nursery…