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Ginger - Stage 2

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Kaduna State - 15th Jul 2019

18% returns in 8 months

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Opening date - July 2019

Farm duration/cycle - 8 months

Farm location - Kurmin Dangana, Kaduna state

RAH -  18%

Price per unit - ₦60,000

Stage Description:

This farm cycle will cover farm operations activities such as weeding, mulching, fertilizer application, herbicides and close monitoring by our Technical Field Specialists to ensure optimum performance of the Ginger crop.

Farm sponsors will receive monthly updates via text, images and videos so they know how the farms are doing.

Ginger - Stage 2

Ginger Farm Description

We will be working with farmers in Kurmin Dangana in Kaduna state on this Ginger farm project.

The sponsorship is divided into 3-tier categories in order to allow people crowd-farm and fund different farm operations that happen at the stages of the crop cultivation.  

Here are the details:

Sponsorship Option 1: First cycle   - Planting and Input Stage

Sponsorship Option 2: Second cycle  - Core-farming Activities

Sponsorship Option 3: Third cycle - Post-harvest and Storage Stage

Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) is a tropical species that originated from Southeast Asia. India is the highest producer and consumer of ginger in the world

Ginger is used for many things like herb for medicinal purpose , preservative, spice, tea and coffee. Ginger can also be processed into various products namely, ginger oil, ginger Oleoresin, ginger candy, ginger soft drink, ginger shreds, ginger pickle and ginger chutney.

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Statistics Division (FAOSTAT), Nigeria is the second largest producer of ginger as at 2016.

Our Technical field specialist will be working closely with the rural farmers in our network to get optimum yield from this Ginger farm project.

Our farms are comprehensively insured to mitigate against any form of crop losses from fire, lightning, windstorm damage, flood, outbreak of pests and diseases etc.

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