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We are an agric-tech platform focused on connecting farmers with farm sponsors for the purpose of increasing food production in Nigeria

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What is Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is Nigeria's first digital agriculture platform that connects farmers with farm sponsors for the purpose of expanding their food production and generating a healthy return for the farm sponsor.

What does Farmcrowdy do?

Farmcrowdy is a technology driven platform that gives Nigerians the opportunity to participate in Agriculture by selecting the kind of farms they want to engage in. We use the funds a sponsor uses to purchase a farm to hire the farmers, secure the land, plant the seed or buy the animal needed, complete the full farming cycle, sell the harvest and then pay the farm sponsor a percentage out of the profit of the harvest.

Who is behind the idea of Farmcrowdy?

We are a team of passionate men and women between the ages of 25 and 35 who have come from the Agriculture, Finance and Technology sector. Our common goal is seeking for ways to impact on rural farmers, contribute to the growth of food production to improve food security in our country and finally, ensuring that more youths get into Agriculture for real.

What is the experience of the team in Farmcrowdy?

- 19 years experience in Agriculture
- 10 years experience in Information Technology Management
- 6 years e-commerce expertise
- 12 years financial management expertise

How to start farming today

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How do I join Farmcrowdy?

- Select the option of either becoming a farm sponsor or farm follower
- Create your farm sponsor profile
- Visit the Farmshop

- Go through the profile of the farms and pick any of
- Farm types include Cassava Farms, Maize Farms, Tomato Farms, Chicken Farms
- All farms have different tenure/contract period and varying ROI from 13-25%

- Get updates through video/pictures/timeline on what happens in the farm
- Learn what it takes to farm in your selected farms.
- Watch your farmer grow the farm and engage him/her at will

- At harvest, the farm produce are sold to the consumer market.
- The profit on the farm is then split between Farmers (40%), Farm Sponsors(40%) & Farmcrowdy (20%).

What is the difference between a Farm Sponsor and a Farm Follower?

Farm sponsors invest their money into farms expecting a return on their investment after their harvest has been sold

Farm followers can only follow a farm to get updates about the activities going on within that contract of the period they followed. Farm followers will also see the return on investment that farm sponsors get but will not participate in the profit from the sold harvest.

Farm Follower Benefits on Farmcrowdy

  • Farm Followers will be able to get updates about the farms of their interest. This will increase their knowledge about agriculture while exposing them to the benefits/ROI that Farm sponsors will benefit from.
  • Farm followers will be given first priority on the next set of farming cycle tied to the farms of their interest.

Farm Sponsor Benefits on Farmcrowdy

  • Farm Sponsors will get a healthy profit from their farms and this comes down to 13% - 25% on your original¬†investment to sponsor the farm.
  • Farm sponsors will also be able to learn about Agriculture in a secured and convenient form while getting updates about the progress of their farms.

What is required to be a Farm Sponsor?

You will be required to purchase a minimum of one farm whether it's livestock or crop.

Can I invite friends to join me?

Yes, you can invite friends from Facebook to join you on Farmcrowdy. Use the Invite friends button tied to each farm

Understanding how my investment works

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How do I calculate my return on investment on Farmcrowdy?

On each farm, we have provided the Profit Simulator for you to be able to calculate your return on investment. You can increase or decrease the number of farms you buy and it will calculate your net profit along with your initial capital

What happens when my cycle is complete?

You will get your initial deposit and the percentage of the profit associated with your farm. Eventually, you can cash out or sponsor another farm.

How do you protect my investment?

We have secured the investment of our Farm Sponsors with insurance from reputable firms. Also, we have provided Agriculture Insurance for both the lives of our farmers and the expect produce from the farms against pests and uncontrollable circumstances.

How much is required to join Farmcrowdy?

To join Farmcrowdy, you will be required to either sponsor a farm depending on the minimum purchase plan or you can simply follow a farm to get updates about it's progress without expecting a return on investment.

What happens after I buy my first farm?

Your Farm Sponsor profile is created to see updates about your farm until harvest

How do I follow up on my investment?

Farmcrowdy is built to give Farm Sponsors updates at least every 14 days. These updates will come in form of text, pictures or videos of activities going on in your farm. Also, when there is a new update, the farm sponsor is notified via mail.

How long does the investment cycle run for?

Depending on the farm you select, the investment cycle can run from 4 months to 24 months.

How is the Profit or Return-on-Investment splited?

- 40% of the profit is shared with the Farmer
- 40% of the profit is added to Farm Sponsors original capital and paid back
- 20% of the profit is for Farmcrowdy

How do I get paid my return on investment?

Step 1 - The profit is paid into the Farm Sponsors Wallet on Farmcrowdy
Step 2 - The Farm Sponsor can cash out their investment immediately it's paid into your wallet or the Farm Sponsor can decide to re-invest in another Farm