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We are an agric-tech platform focused on connecting farmers with farm sponsors for the purpose of increasing food production in Nigeria

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What is Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy is Nigeria’s 1st agric tech company whose mission is to end poverty in Africa, one rural farmer at a time. We do this by creating an online platform for “everyday people'', to engage in the agricultural value chain by sponsoring farms in rural communities.

What does Farmcrowdy do?

In achieving our objective, we empower the rural farmer by providing access to improved  resources (inclusive of Farm inputs, training on best farming techniques, sales of farm produce for higher value) to boost the quality and quantity of their food production and also provide a healthy profit after harvest for both farmer and sponsor.

Who is behind the idea of Farmcrowdy?

We are a team of passionate men and women between the ages of 25 and 40, who have come from the Agriculture, Finance and Technology sector. Our common goal is to seek for ways to impact on rural farmers, contribute to the growth of food production, improve food security in Nigeria, and to ensure more youth participation in Agriculture.

What is the experience of the team in Farmcrowdy?

  - 10 years experience in Information Technology Management

  - 6 years e-commerce expertise

  - 12 years financial management expertise

Who are your technical partners in terms of farming?

We have existing partnerships with organisations such as:

  • Syngenta (who have combined experience of over 100 years in agriculture across different continents)
  • ASTC: Agricultural Services Training Centre, Vom, Plateau State
  • Notore Seeds

In addition to our partners, we have an in-house team of agricultural professionals who have requisite expertise across different disciplines in Agriculture.

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What is Farmcrowdy Mobile App?

We launched the Farmcrowdy mobile app so that you can easily access and be a part of the agricultural revolution from your mobile phone.

By downloading the Farmcrowdy mobile app, you will be the first to know via push notifications once a farm is open for sponsorship so you can make a healthy profit while sponsoring a rural farmer.

Why did Farmcrowdy launch a mobile app?

We launched the mobile app so it will be easy for our users to sponsor and monitor their farms. With two-clicks, you can access your Farmcrowdy dashboard and monitor your farms through text, image and video updates.

You will also receive notifications when we publish blog posts, so you get necessary information on the right steps and options available for you in the agriculture space.

How do I download the app?

Click this link to download the app from the Google Play Store or Click this link to download the app from the apple store.

What do I do after downloading the app?

After downloading the app, please sign up for a new account by entering your name and email. You will then be redirected to either sponsor or follow a farm. If you have an existing account, please login and start monitoring sponsored farms from your dashboard.

What type of phone do I need to use the app?

You can use any smartphone that has an Android 4.4.2 operating system or higher.

I downloaded the app but it’s blank, what do I do?

If you experienced a blank screen after downloading the app, please double-check to be sure your operating system is a good match and that the app is up-to-date.

I have downloaded the app but have difficulty opening it

Our developers are constantly working on the app to release up-to-date versions and we currently have a new update, so if you are experiencing any difficulty, just download the updated version.

Is this app only for crop farming?

This app makes it really easy for you to sponsor farms when they are available for sponsorship, regardless of the type of farm that is available.

How does it work?

The Farmcrowdy mobile app has been uploaded to the Google Play Store and is verified by Play Protect, Google’s mobile security system that keeps your data and app safe. For the app to work on your mobile, please visit this link to download, install and sign up in the app.

How can I be active on this platform?

Asides sponsoring and following individual farms, we regularly post news updates that you can engage with by liking and sharing on social media. You can also send post suggestions and ask agric-related questions from our account officers.

What do you mean by farm from your office or farm from your pocket?

It means with the mobile app, you can farm from anywhere, anytime. Our mobile app makes it easy for you to select a farm of interest, sponsor the farm and receive bi-weekly farm updates.

Where can I learn more about you?

You can learn more about our platform, team and vision by visiting

How to start farming today

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How does this work?

First you have to sign up on our website to create your own personalised Farmcrowdy profile, you then select a farm of choice to sponsor. You sponsor the farm, and at the end of the farm cycle stipulated, you will receive a percentage of the profit after the sales of harvest and also your initial sponsorship capital.

How do I join Farmcrowdy?

Joining is easy! All you are required to do is to click on the ‘Sign up’ button on the top right corner of the page.

You will be directed to a page that requires you to sign up using either your facebook account or an existing email address. An authentication email will be sent to your personal email address, confirm your email address, and automatically you get a Farmcrowdy Profile Page.

Please fill in all the details required.

How do I become a Sponsor?

Visit our homepage and ‘Sign Up’, to create your unique Farmcrowdy Profile by providing all the information required. You can either sign up with your email address or your Facebook account.

- Go to our Farmshop and select any farm of choice (N.B. this is subject to availability)

- Sponsor a given number of Farm Unit(s)

- Receive regular feedback of all farm activities through our ‘Farm Updates’

- At the end of the Harvest, the Farm Produce is sold and the Sponsor is paid a ‘Returns-after-Harvest’ in addition to the initial Sponsorship Capital.

How do I become a Farm follower?

Visit our homepage and ‘Sign Up’, to create your unique Farmcrowdy Profile by providing all the information required. You can either sign up with your email address or your Facebook account.

- Go to our Farmshop and select any farm you want to follow

- Click on “Follow this farm”

You will receive regular feedback of all farm activities through your dashboard on our website

What is the difference between a Farm Sponsor and a Farm Follower?

Farm Followers are individuals who sign up on our platform simply to get information about the farm of their choice. They receive periodic updates that informs them of farm activities on the farm in real time. Anyone can be a Follower, there are no restrictions and sign up is absolutely free, but you are not entitled to any payment or return after harvest.

Farm Sponsors are individuals who sign up, pay to sponsor any given number of farm unit(s) and receive the returns after the sales of harvest. Farm Sponsors at the end of the farm cycle gets their initial sponsorship capital, and a return after harvest that is usually between 9% - 25% (flat rate) depending on the farm they sponsor. Farm sponsors will also get periodic updates in form of pictures and videos, with this they can monitor the growth of their farm from its infancy to full maturity.

How do I Pay for a Farm?

Click on the farm you want to sponsor, select the number of farm units you want sponsor and click on "Buy now" icon.

You will be directed to another page to "check out" your order and to agree to the terms and conditions stated.

After that select the payment options of either ‘Paystack’ or ‘Simplepay’, you will be required to complete the transaction with your ATM Card or you may chose the bank transfer option which would require you to use your bank token to complete the transaction.

What happens after I sponsor a farm?

First you will receive a ‘Farm Allocation Email’ which acknowledges receipt of sponsorship of the farm, the location of the farm you sponsored, the farm cycle tenure and the end date of your farm cycle.

On a periodic basis, you will receive farm updates which keeps you abreast of all activities on your farm, from the beginning to the end of the farm cycle.

Understanding how my sponsorship works

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How do I follow up on my Sponsorship?

Farmcrowdy is built to give Farm Sponsors periodic updates; we send bi-weekly updates for farm cycles which are 6 months and less and we can send monthly updates for farm cycles which exceed 6 months. Farm updates are written reports, pictures and videos showing the progress being made at different stages of the farm cycle.

How long does the farm cycle run for?

Depending on the farm you select, the cycle can run from 5 months to 12 months.

How is the Profit or Return-after-Harvest shared?

Farmer - 40% of the profit

Farm sponsor - 40% of the profit

Farmcrowdy - 20% of the profit

The Farm Sponsor’s share of the profit is equivalent to the Returns-After-Harvest which is displayed on the farms. For example, currently our Poultry Unit Returns is 15%, the 15% flat rate is what amounts to 40% of the profit share on the poultry farm.

How do I calculate my return after harvest on Farmcrowdy?

On each farm, we have provided the Profit Simulator for you to be able to calculate your return on investment. You can increase or decrease the number of farms you buy and it will calculate your net profit along with your initial capital.

What is the minimum number of Farms I can sponsor and what is the maximum amount?

The minimum number of farms you can sponsor is one (1) unit of any farm, and you can sponsor as many farms as you so choose but this is subject to the farm availability.

When does farm visit occur?

General farm visits are organised on a periodic basis for existing Farm Sponsors. Notifications are usually sent out to sponsors informing them of the visit and we usually ask them to confirm their availability for the visit. Sponsors may also put in their request for a farm visit, this can be organised as well but subject to certain terms and conditions.

Can I invite friends to join me?

Yes, you can invite friends from Facebook/ or any other social media platform to join you on Farmcrowdy. Use the invite friends button on each farm page.

Is it possible to terminate my sponsorship earlier than the agreed timeframe?

Each of our farms have a fixed farm cycle period. This is determined by taking into cognisance the gestation period required for each farm to go from beginning to the harvest stage. As it is virtually impossible to wilfully interrupt the growth life cycle of any crop or livestock before maturity, we will not be able to 'terminate' the farm cycle of any given farm. However, at the end of the stipulated farm cycle, and the sponsor has received his farm sponsorship and returns after harvest, the decision to re-sponsor another farm or otherwise, is entirely the sponsor's decision.

What happens if the farm I sponsored is badly run or if the harvest is lost?

Farmcrowdy has a team of Agric professionals and technical partners whose primary responsibility is to ensure that our farms follow standard farm management practices whilst  employing the most modern farming techniques, improved seedlings and  modern farm equipment; to ensure that we have the best farm yields.

We however are not ignorant of the peculiarity of the sector in which we operate, therefore we have taken adequate measures by insuring all our farm projects to mitigate against any unforeseen risks that could lead to loss of the sponsor’s capital.

What does my insurance cover ?

Farmcrowdy has provided insurance cover for all existing farm projects, so that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, the sponsor’s capital can be refunded. The insurance covers only the initial sponsorship capital, it does not cover the return after harvest.