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The Farmcrowdy Logo

The Farmcrowdy logo goes on all our materials and is a constant reminder of our commitment to grow healthy food and support rural farmers. Here are some rules to help you use our logo right:

  • Do not change the original colour of the logo.
  • Do not tilt, rotate or modify the logo.
  • Do not separate the logo or separate the designed ‘o’ from the logo except for the one that has already been provided.
Download Logo Pack ZIP Archive - 556KB
Farmcrowdy Logo
Farmcrowdy Logo

Brand Colors

Color is the cornerstone of Farmcrowdy brand design. It distinguishes our brand and helps us to create consistent experiences across marketing and communication. Our Olive Green and Pebble colors are used in meaningful ways in all expressions of our brand.

Download Color Guide ZIP Archive - 556KB


Our typeface is consistent throughout our brand and helps us sync all our brand materials.

Our typeface, Amino, features Sans-serif. The Amino family was selected because it is warm, open and legible at all sizes. Flexibility comes from using one type family that contains all necessary styles.

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Social Media

Get access to fresh news and updates, farm openings etc. by following u on our social media handles.

Media Mentions

Get access to our Brand Guidelines which details our approved colours, logo and typeface. These guidelines will help you correctly make use of our brand.

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CEO Interview

Nigeria plans to adopt physical and digital technology with the aim of boosting the production capabilities of farmers. Onyeka Akumah, co-founder and CEO of Farmcrowdy joins CNBC Africa to shed some light on this.