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  • The Rockefeller Foundation features Farmcrowdy in The Food Loss and Waste Africa Report

    In its recently published 2016 Intelligence Report on Food Loss & Waste Africa (FLWA), The Rockefeller Foundation aptly explains Farmcrowdy’s mode of operation as a platform for people interested in investing in agriculture. The report which is powered by Dalberg Research highlights Farmcrowdy as one of the stories that are “particularly innovative, looking for scale, strong local focus or tapping into new technologies”.

    Food loss including post harvest loss is a major issue that concerns agricultural stakeholders across the world. According to the report, Food Loss causes economic losses up to $940 billion per year and the amount of food lost due to post-harvest loss is sufficient enough to feed the entire undernourished population globally.

    During a recent Agribusiness summit on Food Security organised by Business Day, it was reiterated and established that the agricultural value chain is a major cause of post-harvest losses. Speaking at the Food Security Summit, Prof. Ruerd Ruben of Wageningen University, Netherlands enumerated the causes of post-harvest losses to include the following:

    He also stated that the major cause of post-harvest losses is the quality of the value chain, maintaining the quality cannot improved across the value chain, it can only reduce.

    Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, the Honourable Minister for State on Agriculture also discouraged the continuous use of fibre baskets especially for produce like tomato as a means to reduce post harvest losses.

    As stated by the Rockefeller Foundation report, in sub-Saharan Africa alone (Nigeria inclusive), 30-50% of production is lost at various points along the value chain. To change this, it is important to stay informed of the importance of the value chain.

    Prof. Ruben concludes by saying, adequate information and change of behaviour by members of the value chain can help reduce post harvest losses.

    Food Loss and Waste Africa Farmcrowdy
    See full report by The Rockefeller Foundation here

    Prof. Ruerd Ruben is the Research Coordinator, Food Security, International Value Chains & Impact Assessment at The Agricultural Economics Institute of Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

    Senator Heineken Lokpobiri is the Honourable Minster for State, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.